Inflammation has been linked to many chronic diseases. Some symptoms related to inflammation are fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety and depression, muscle aches and joint pain. Some people may experience some gastrointestinal issues as well. Other signs could be a change in your weight or your appetite.

I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease on two different occasions with two different ticks. Lyme Disease is an inflammatory disease and many of the above symptoms and more are a result of Lyme. My journey with Lyme has been on going now for about 8 years when I was first diagnosed. I started to develop an odd mark on the front of my body. Within 7 days I had an extremely large bullseye on the front of me which bought me to the doctor right away. I had a hard time talking as I was slurring my words and moving my legs was quite a challenge. The pain in my joints was unbearable at times. The medical doctors put me on an antibiotic, which is the method of treatment in the conventional world, for three rounds. While the rash started fading, my joint pain did not. For the next few years I just lived with issues that were never resolved. When I got bit the second time, the joint pain worsened and my focus was fuzzy. I knew I had to seek help from a professional who knew how to treat Lyme. My doctor, a naturopath, treated my Lyme with natural remedies and put me on an anti-inflammatory diet. While I am still in treatment for Lyme, much progress has been made with reducing or eliminating some inflammatory foods. In doing so, my Lyme arthritis (joint pain) has been reduced to a more tolerable level, my energy has increased quite a bit and some excess body fat was lost in the process! This is a win-win.

The food we eat can definitely increase the inflammation in our bodies. Try to eat whole, healthy foods and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Grab my Make Over my Kitchen Pantry today to try and start reaching your goals and reduce inflammation.

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