What I Offer

I help busy middle-aged women lose weight and reduce joint pain without dieting or medications by helping them identify their trigger foods and create a healthier lifestyle.

With BAM (Battle Against Menopause) jumpstart you learn how to decipher food labels so you can make healthier choices. You will set goals for yourself to keep you on track. You will learn about whole foods and how to make small sustainable changes in your diet and lifestyle.

With the full program BAM Weightloss, you will understand your “trigger foods” that cause inflammation. Once you have determined them and adjust your diet accordingly, you will notice many benefits such as more energy, better digestion and less inflammation which will help promote weightloss.

BAM Weightloss Program
(Battle against Menopause)

What’s Included:

Program Covers


  • Why diets don’t work
  • Deciphering food labels made easy
  • Understanding and conquering cravings
  • Catch up week
  • Mindful Eating and Portion control
  • Stress reduction and self care
  • Exercise strategies to maximize success
  • Why It’s Not just about food and exercise
  • Fueling Your Body

3 Month Program (bi-weekly )
BAM Jumpstart


Supercharged Goal Setting

Bonus handout:  Goal setting worksheet


Why Diets Don’t Work

Bonus handouts: Food Diary, Food Sensitivities, List of Greens, EWG Dirty Dozen


Fueling Your Body

Exercise Strategies to maximize success

Bonus handouts: Busting through weightloss Plateau, Blank exercise planner


Why It’s Not Just About Diet and Exercise

Bonus handout: Life Balance activity list


Deciphering Food Labels

Bonus handouts: Healthy Whole Foods, Menu planner


3 1:1 50 minute coaching calls



6 month program (bi-weekly) or

12 week program (weekly)


Portion Control and Mindful Eating

Bonus handout: 8 tips for better portion control, 6 ways to eat your veges


Menu Planning for Success

Bonus handout: Weekly menu planning template


Understanding and Conquering Cravings

Bonus handouts: 20 healthy snack list, The many names of sugar, Top foods for Women’s Health.


Stress Management and Self care

Bonus handout: 22 ways to take care of you.


Simple Ways to Improve Energy

Bonus handout: 16 ways to get better sleep


Mindset & Habits for Powerful Results


3 1:1 50 minute coaching calls


After doing the Jumpstart program, you will experience more energy throughout your day. You will be able to decipher food labels and ingredients and know when to avoid certain foods. Your digestion will have improved and you may even lose some weight in the process. You will discover that it is not just about nutrition but about your primary food such as relationships, careers, financial, and spirituality that all can effect how we feel.

If you decide on the full program you will achieve all of the above as well as how to control portions, and cravings and what foods you can substitute to satisfy your cravings. You will understand what “primary food” could add to the lack of weight loss. You will understand how important self care is in your health journey. All of these modules are easily sustainable for a healthier lifestyle without feeling deprived.