Stress is something all women experience. We have a lot on our plates and sometimes it can be a bit much to handle.

It would be great to just wave a magic wand and get our energy back, lose the extra weight and feel less bloated, right?

First, let me explain what stress is and why you feel the way you do from it.

Stress causes a hormone called cortisol to go into overdrive. This creates unhealthy behaviors and a combination of the two is what links weight gain to stress.

When you are experiencing stress, your adrenal glands release adrenaline and cortisol and as a result, glucose is released into your bloodstream as your primary energy.

This is done to create energy for escape. But, we all know, we aren’t running from tigers in this day and age, so we don’t need that type of response.

Once the “tiger” is away, our adrenaline wears off and the blood sugar spike we had drops. This is when the cortisol comes in high gear to replenish our energy quickly. That’s why sugar is one of the first things we reach for to get our energy up quick.

The problem with sugar is it gets stored as fat in our body and cortisol slows our metabolism, so that extra weight is hard to lose.

In order to keep your stress down and your weight as well, here are some recommendations:

  • Move your body. Exercise can help you lower stress and lose weight at the same time. This doesn’t have to mean joining a gym. It could be walking with a friend on your lunch break or doing some yoga in the morning or evening at home, or any other way you are moving your body regularly.
  • Healthier food choices. Comfort food doesn’t have to be bad for you. There are options such as air-popped popcorn, Avocado toast, olives, and many other options that can make it easy to grab a healthy option during times of high stress.
  • Hydration. Make sure you are well hydrated. Water is going to help your body and brain and often, when you think you are hungry, you may just be thirsty. Try that first before reaching for a snack.
  • Evening routine. You need to wind down to keep your stress levels low. Find an evening routine you enjoy such as yoga, reading a good book, meditating, or anything else that is calming for you. This will help to reduce your cortisol levels, leading to better weight management as a side effect.

Keeping your stress levels down is key to better health. If you would like some help with this, or aren’t sure what to eat, or the best ways to get into healthier habits would be, reach out. I would love to help.